You've got chrome tuners instead of the vintage keystone tuners found on the Special. This review takes a look at the Gibson SG Special vs Standard and Faded models, and can help you decide which guitar best meets your needs and budget. Previous models featured a granadillio fretboard, a newish tonewood Gibson has been experimenting with. This may be more a matter of personal preference, but apparently Gibson feels the Classic ‘57s offer a better voice for the SG Standard. Unlike the rest of the Faded Series, except the LP Junior, the SG was outfitted with a chunky but comfortable ‘50s style neck. alot of people say that the SG is only for hard rock and metel but i replaceed the pickups. Guitar Gopher (author) on August 08, 2019: @ Rob - The QC on my 2016 Les Paul Studio Faded seems pretty good, but you are not alone in your criticism. If so, Gibson has one more option for you. Pickups for Gibson SG Special… and you can total customize it. (Yes, but only when you’re holding the guitar.). Can someone tell me what was the … Let’s look at some gear! The SG Special Faded uses an individual volume control for each pickup, which consists of a quality 300k linear potentiometer for a smooth, natural volume roll-off. But for for the extra cash why wouldn’t you go for the SG Standard? The bottom line: With the Faded you can save a few bucks on a guitar that looks and sounds awesome, but maybe not quite as awesome as the Special or the Standard. You just have to decide which one best meets your needs. I’d count this as another check in the plus column, and the chrome covers look much nicer than the open coils. The Special was conceived as a more affordable, parred-down take on SG Standard, and this designation persists till today. Honestly, I'd been very happy with the faded finish on my 2016 Les Paul Studio. This item doesn't belong on this page. Guitar Gopher is a guitarist and bassist with over 35 years of experience as a musician. Guitar Gopher (author) on October 24, 2017: Hi Dany. We ship through DHL Express, shipping time it’s about 2-6 business days. Here is a look at the Standard: The SG Standard has a pretty, bound fingerboard made from rosewood, complete with classic Gibson trapezoid inlays and with a somewhat thicker design. The SG Special evolved out of the Les Paul Special in the early '60s when Gibson introduced the SG as its primary solidbody shape. ... Sign Up for Gibson News & Special … The Standard’s pickups are chrome-covered Gibson ’57 Classics. I have the 2017 faded..def maple neck...I love the guitar but Gibson's quality control is horrible or they just dont give a shit on cheaper guitars. 2008 Gibson Faded SG Special (Worn Cherry finish) Demo/Review Hello! The Faded has a worn satin finish, not the shiny, glossy look of a higher-priced guitar. That's what I'd do? Pickups. Checkout ... SG Special. 2 Finish Options . Much of the difference here is cosmetic as well. Generally speaking, from the woods used to the hardware, the Standard features better quality pieces. This is the classic that made the SG name. I new here and recently, I trade an 2004 american stratocaster standard for a 2008 Gibson SG Standard! Of course they are worth it: Gibson guitars are among the best in the world. Then again, we all have to stick to budgets. Disclaimer. When we’re talking about the difference between a Les Paul Studio and Standard, which could be a thousand dollars or more, it makes sense to consider the Studio, but a difference of only a few hundred bucks makes the Standard hard to pass up. La Gibson SG special faded que se encuentra en españa por 555 €, en EEUU la encuentro por 400 alrededor, y la verdad es que no es una diferencia tan sustancial como para comprar tan … When it comes to both sound and looks it is close enough to warrant the savings. Sound it what matters, right? Comments welcome...\r\rI am running a special on the Mbrace stands (that is what is holding my guitars up) which not only enable me to do this and my \"dueling guitars\" thing, but to leave the guitar set up (and \"ready\" to play), which inspires me to play more often.\rAt around the time of this video, it will be $60.00 for it including shipping for the U.S. (and $85.00 USD for the rest of the world) delivered via USPS Priority Mail service. Open-coil pickups tend to sound a little hotter than covered pickps. The Gibson SG Standard sets the bar for the Special and Faded. i love this guitar because it can look just like an older guitar from the 70's but really it dosent matter how it looks its how it sounds and feel and belive me it feels and sounds awsome. Gibson SG Standard ´64 Maestro CH VOS. While many guitarists are perfectly happy with the classic Gibson 490T/R combination, some feel the ’57 Classics offer better clarity and definition, and a little more warmth. The strings are GHS Boomers...(9-46). Ah, en cuanto a la pregunta original: a por la Faded de cabeza. PayPal accepted.\r\rAny questions, just ask...\r\rI sell just about everything that I do a demo of and more...both direct (send me a message via my channel page if you are interested in something) and on eBay.\r\rIf you like what you hear, or are interested in any of my current or future used guitar offerings,'ll get a heads up on any guitar that I'll be listing for sale as I post a video here first.\r\rGod bless!\r\rThanks for watching!\r\r-Howard The 2017 SG Faded T has a maple neck. While the Les Paul wouldn’t be easily unseated as heavyweight champion of the guitar world, the SG carved out its own niche in rock history. Read user reviews for Gibson SG Special Faded Guitar and see over 325,000 product reviews at It features the same basic core features but in a cheaper package. The standard two volume controls, two tone controls and three-way pickup selector switch rounds out the electronics setup, and the bridge is a Tune-o-Matic. == Gibson SG Faded == Condition: 8/10 Year: 2008 Country: USA Serial: 004681368 Color: Worn Brown Upgrades: * Pickups Seymour Duncan 59 (Bridge y Neck) * Speed Knobs Includes: * Gibson Premium Leather Softcase Note: Due to COVID we can currently only ship to USA. While the average guitarist may not know or care what grade mahogany their SG body is made from, we tone geeks make note of these things. Guitar Gopher (author) on March 09, 2018: @mrmstock - That hasn't happened to me yet, but I worry about it all the time! The Gibson SG first appeared as a replacement for the legendary Gibson Les Paul. I know they have the 590R and 590T pickups as well as the full pick guard but beyond... Log in or Sign up. En lo personal detesto el faded en las SG, las hacen parecer mas baratas de lo que en realidad son. The Gibson classic 490T and 490R pickup set is back, having replaced the '61 Zebra pickups on models from a few years back. ... No ratings or reviews yet. item 6 2008 Gibson SG Robot Special Ltd Used with Hard Case From Japan Free Shipping 6 - 2008 Gibson SG Robot Special Ltd Used with Hard Case From Japan Free Shipping. The SG Faded has the 490 R/T pickup set we see in the Special, but it this case with open coils instead of chrome covers. The Gibson faded models have gone in and out of the lineup for decades. $219.99 New---- Used; ... Gibson SG Faded Electric Guitars. Hey, it’s all up to you. ... '93 Gibson SG Special -... bblooz replied Nov 23, 2020 at 9:50 PM. So, of course the next question is: How does it compare to the Special and Standard? Based on the 2019 lineup it looks like they've been listening to the fans. But, while they aren’t as hefty in price as a Les Paul, a new Gibson SG Standard will still run you a pretty penny. El terminado Faded Worn tiene de dos. Today, both guitars coexist side by side in Gibson’s lineup, and both are great choices for guitarists looking for that thick rock sound. Min-ETune system. This page contains information, pictures, videos, user generated reviews, automatically generated review and videos about Gibson SG Special Faded but we do not warrant the quality, accuracy or completeness of … And it comes with a nice Gibson hardshell case instead of a gig bag. I went over everything and set it is just about mint and it's for sale...most everything you need to know is in the video, but if you have any questions, send them through the send a message link on my channel page or comment under the video. So what’s the difference between this guitar and the Standard? The SG Special delivers on the Gibson SG tradition, while coming in at a reasonable price. The SG Special has what it takes to get the job done in any genre from country, to blues, or rock and even extreme metal. But if you don’t want to drop all that cash on a new guitar, you might want to check out the Gibson SG Special. Gibson sg standard bass limited edition 2010 ref: e334970. Are these differences between the SG Special and Standard worth an extra few hundred dollars? Personally, I’d say, heck yes! en estado de conservación bueno y completo, se suministra con funda rígida hecha a medida. The SG Special evolved from the Les Paul Special in the early '60s, and was meant to be a less expensive, stripped-down version of the SG Standard for no-frills players. Mahogany body and neck, Gibson humbucking pickups, Tune-o-Matic Bridge, standard SG design and appointments. $1,000.00. $1,499.00. I own a gibson sgj and it is the best guitar i have ever owned! !. 4.280 € 5.999 € Gibson Les Paul Special Vinta B-Stock. However, it’s close enough for most Gibson fans, and at such a low price who can complain? Bass; Computer Music; Electronic ... 06/13/2008. Of course the preferred option here is rosewood, so it's nice to see. By comparison, the Special has smaller inlays, and more of a vintage look. Can anyone tell me the specs of the 2004 Gibson SG Standards? I expect and hope we'll see Gibson picking things up going forward. Gibson SG Special Faded 4.38 out of 5 based on 2446 ratings . Review Gibson SG Special Faded 18/12/2010 por Mique Let | 10 min de lectura Acometo con ganas ésta, mi segunda reivew en, esperando que sea de vuestro agrado y que, especialmente, resulte de utlidad a aquellos que quieran calmar su perenne y persistente GAS con un ejemplar de guitarrón como el que en esta review os presento. Mahogany is the tonewood that accounts for the thick, legendary tone and resonance in both the Gibson Les Paul and SG, and it has not been forgotten in the Special. We’ll explore these questions and others in greater depth. ... Gibson Baseball Cap Faded Denim. Modern. An SG Bass joined the lineup in 2008. User review from theblackkeys about Gibson SG Special Faded : User review from theblackkeys about Gibson SG Special Faded : Log in; Become a member; ALL GEAR. I hope you all enjoy this! Explore Modern. Likely the most common Faded Gibson available, the Faded SG wore 490 Alnico humbuckers and came finished in brown, cherry, or yellow, a Musician’s Friend exclusive. ), Will a new Gibson SG make you better looking? Pues me he puesto a mirar precios por EEUU y la cosa parece que no está nada mal. SG Standard Bass. Gibson SG Special Faded: Bearnings 's user review 4. The SG Special is a great guitar, and you can save a few bucks compared to the SG Standard. Of course it has a mahogany body, but instead of the mahogany neck Gibson has chosen maple. User review from Bearnings about Gibson SG Special Faded : User review from Bearnings about Gibson SG Special Faded : Log in; Become a member; ALL GEAR. Review Cart. The Gibson SG Special Faded Worn Brown is a lower budget version of the famous Gibson SG Standard. Los acabados no son gran cosa. This cuts down on cost, but still gives you a great guitar. If I really wanted an SG I'd go with the Standard. Gibson SG '60s Tribute review. Para que una Gibson no sea más barata que una Epi Custom. Image 2 of 3. The SG Special Faded is hand-finished in grain-textured nitrocellulose in a simplified process that results in a gently road-worn appearance. This year the SG Faded is looking pretty darned good, and if you want a real Gibson for a seriously affordable price this is the way to go. What are the differences? 2 Finish Options . So, far that’s one big check in the plus column for the SG Special T. The SG Special sees some nice upgrades for 2017. The 490T/Rs are quality pickups that will deliver classic Gibson SG sound with a touch of bite and aggression. This is a cosmetic difference for the most part. The construction is all mahogany (body and neck) and it has the typical SG body shape. No se si es así, pero es una suposición. 15,20 € 24,99 € Gibson Les Paul Premium Ultra Light. (There are several. You can grab some real Gibson tone and vibe without busting up your wallet. $1,499.00. O lo amas o lo odias. If you really need to stick to a budget, maybe the SG Faded is for you. The Modern Collection builds on our legacy of innovation by introducing modern features and shaping sound for future generations. But if you’re budget-minded you may be looking for the easiest way to grab an American-made Gibson. How much does this influence the sound of the guitar? Bass; Computer Music; Electronic ... 02/02/2008. No se si te refieras a 500 o 600 usd, pero si puedes ahorrar un poco mas, mejor vete por la special. The 2016 version had mahogany. But you probably have a few concerns about how the SG Special stacks up against the Standard, and this article can help you out. However, Gibson's current core variants as of 2010 are the SG Standard and the SG Special. Gibson SG Special Faded: theblackkeys 's user review 5. Image 3 of 3. It has a gorgeous high-gloss finish, where the Special has a satin finish. So where are those compromises coming from? In my opinion, along with the Fender Stratocaster, it is the most reasonably priced legendary guitar on the market. The fingerboard is made of thicker rosewood. You can’t go wrong with any of the three choices. Y a mi incluso me gusta mucho la Worn Brown.-----Por cierto, en Casa Tejera, la SG Special Faded a 589euros. Looking to get my first Gibson and have an opportunity to pick up a 2008 SG Special Faded (Worn Cherry) It's in basically mint condition- still has the pick guard protective film Users' score: 8.4 (498 votes) The Gibson SG Special Faded has the look of well-worn, well-loved instrument. Gibson cut some minor corners on this guitar, but it sure looks like it's worthy of the SG name. Best of all, it’s a Gibson. The Gibson SG Special Faded was born from a variety of small changes made to Gibson instruments over the course of 50-plus years. If you want an SG but you’re finding you can’t justify springing for the Standard model, this could be the guitar for you. User review from tjon901 about Gibson SG Special Faded : Entry level Gibson SG Mahogany is where it’s at with this guitar, specifically for the neck and body. Y eso solo teniendo la guitarra en las manos lo vas a saber. bajo gibson sg standard bass limited edition 2010 con cuerpo de caoba, mástil de caoba, diapasón de palisandro con icrustaciones de trapecio, cambio de pastilla único, escala corta, hecho en usa, acabado ebony. I got bought this guitar from a local shop by my house. The faded series has mahogany neck, it is not maple. Tone Controls The SG Special Faded features individual tone controls for each pickup, comprised of 500k non-linear potentiometers with .022mF tone capacitors for a smooth transition from bright to warm. Maple will be a little snappier, so we know the tone of the Faded won’t be exactly that of a typical Gibson SG. But if I was in cost-saving mode I think I'd go with the Faded SG over the Special. And, if you eventually feel like swapping out the pickups or electronics to get it more up to Gibson SG Standard specs you can make that decision later on. Click here for more behind the scenes info and/or insight and is the link to my current eBay auctions if you are interested...send me a message (through my channel page link...just click on my name or avatar) if you have any questions or if I can be of any help.\r\rHere's a 2008 Gibson Faded SG Special. It has a rosewood fretboard with 22 frets and dot inlays. Unlike many other manufacturers, who settle for a hard polyurethane finish, Gibson opts for a breathable nitrocellulose finish that will encourage the natural vibration of the instrument for a purer tone. In the past I've thought Gibson's faded guitars looked awfully rough around the edges, but over the last few years they really seem to be getting it right. Pero es una SG con todas las de la ley. 14,20 € Gibson Les Paul 60 Dark Bourb B-Stock. Both guitars have slim-taper necks with identical measurements. So what would I do? The Gibson SG Standard is a tone monster, one of the coolest guitars ever made, and a rock ‘n’ roll classic. Cancel. On the other hand, you may never feel like you need to. Last year's Les Paul Studio Faded T was a gem. Just double-checked the specs to be sure. What will you do? loved my gibson special the thing about gibson is if you accidentally ever knock it off the stand or drop it the headstock will snap and crack the neck of the guitar this happens to just about every gibson made today, Very sharp fret ends on the faded don't know about the special but the standards frets seem to be ok I guess you have to pay more to get a finished guitar.
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