Create your own! Māori youth are two-and-a-half times more likely than non-Māori to commit suicide. world. Tāwhirimātea strongly disagreed. The Maori version of the creation story comes from a book written by Sir George Grey in 1854. It is the second largest ethnic group in New Zealand. Māori Creation Story Teaching Resources Our selection of teaching resources on the Māori Creation Story include a PowerPoint, story sequencing cards, worksheets, role plays masks and more. In the beginning, there was Te Kore, The Nothing. constantly being recreated. something, and from Te Pō (darkness) to Te Ao (light). He is the god of the forests. Examine how you approach the words “Myths” and “Legends”. This was a viable option. The Māori creation story begins with a description of darkness and nothingness, out of which Ranginui, the sky father, and Papatūānuku, the earth mother, emerge. Copy. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Māori Creation Story Teaching Resources. They are indigenous Polynesian people, who developed a unique culture with their own language, rich mythology and distinctive crafts and performing arts. The gods who shaped the natural world, for / Te Rangikaheke's account of the Māori world covers everything since the creation of the world. The Moari people presently live in parts of New Zealand and migrated their from the Polnesian islands hundreds of years ago. Maui, fifth of his parents' sons, was born so premature, so frail and so underdeveloped that he could not possibly have survived. Excellence-when Tāne obtained knowledge for humankind from the heavens (it was no easy task). The Maori creation myth tells how heaven and earth were once joined as Ranginui, the Sky Father, and Papatuanuku, the Earth Mother, lay together in a tight embrace. These are forms of tuhituhi, writing and communicate our knowledge to the world. 1. Story: Māori creation traditions Every culture has its traditions about how the world was created. Science– systematic investigation, testing assumptions and seeking knowledge. post-European concept. In some of these, the god Tāne plays an important role Tane is an appropriate atua for the scientific endeavour. Rongomātane and Haumietiketike did not add anything more to the discussion. The tauparapara Tēnei au contains Tāne’s pursuit of the baskets of knowledge Here is the great waiata “Tēnei au” which tells of this haerenga. The title of the book is Polynesian Mythology & Ancient Traditional History of the New Zealanders, As furnished by their Priests and Chiefs. In mythology the feat of Maui in providing land ranks only after the separation of Earth and Sky in the story of creation. Whaikōrero (speeches) that take place within the wharenui are expected to be more calm. The mythology accounts for natural phenomena, the weather, the stars and the moon, the fish of the sea, the birds of the forest, and the forests themselves. In the beginning, there was Te Kore, The Nothing. They are our whakapapa, our guiding stories that form the foundation of Aotearoa. These stories tell us about individuals acting in particular ways and securing their position in the world. The story of Aoraki Some stayed with their father in the moana and some moved to land to live in the realm of Tāne. His brothers Tangora, the god of the sea, and Haumia, the god of wild and uncultivated foods, joined him and offered their own strength. He rose above to live with his father in the sky. She was very beautiful, and because of her beauty and her high rank, many young men desired her as a wife. Although various tribes tell different ( Te Kore). He clothed his father in the sweat of his brow to become the stars that adorn the sky. Who is the god of..? Then, another brother said, “Let’s separate our parents”. His unhappiness shows itself through earthquakes and geological and geothermal activity. This pae tukutuku (website) is to tautoko those many kaiako who are both teaching and learning te reo (at the same time). Whaikōrero taking place on the marae ātea are allowed to be dynamic and explosive, representing the nature of TÅ«matauenga. Others talk about a supreme being, Website: Little Biz Online. View This Storyboard as a Slide Show! They stand, therefore, as a model for individual and collective behaviour and aspirations. They're perfect for teaching children in Year 1, Year 2 and Year 3 and make sharing this traditional New Zealand story … From this union came Raki, the heavens, who coupled with Poharua Te Po the breath of life found in the womb of darkness. Ranginui and Papatūānuku, Tāne, Tangaroa, Tāwhirimātea, Rongomātāne, Haumietiketike, Tūmatauenga and Rūaumoko are Maori Gods who are inextricably linked to te Ao Māori. Maori also has many of them. The Maori are known for their war dance, declaring their strength and ability to their parents, to allow light to come into the world. The pou (posts) of the house represent those that Tāne (Tāne-toko-rangi) used to separate earth and sky. Maui overhead them chatting, and secretly made a fishhook from an ancestral jawbone before hiding under the floorboards of his brothers’ canoe. This storyboard was created with Apr 6, 2013 - ...Maori Myth & Legend - The Story of Creation...Rangi is the sky, the father of all things; Papa is the earth, the mother of all things. They present Māori ideas about the creation of the universe and the origins of gods ( atua) and people. say the phrase “Ko wai te atua o…? Carved Wharenui, meeting houses, are opened in dawn ceremonies because they represent the world created by the separation of Rangi and Papa. TÅ«matauenga, the angry face of mankind is all of us at times. The creation pÅ«rākau gives us a way of looking at our world. The creation accounts are the very first few lines of the very first chapter, Children of Heaven and Earth: There is: Apart from these shared themes, there is considerable diversity among various iwi versions of the creation story. Required fields are marked *, © 2020 The Te Reo Māori Classroom. Every culture or civilisation has its traditions about how the world was created. repetition of stories and genealogies is seen as a creative act Māori have many of them, but the most important stories are those that tell how darkness became light, nothing became something, earth and sky were separated, and nature evolved. The Maori creation myth has two major parts. Commercial re-use may be allowed on request. I prefer to call them this rather than “Myths and Legends”. Common threads in creation stories, Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 New Zealand Licence. Every culture has its traditions about how the world was created. Witi Ihimaera's latest book brings Māori creation myths to a modern audience • Source: 1 NEWS Celebrated New Zealand author Witi Ihimaera's latest book is one he was "born to write", he says. (noun) origin, beginning, creation, evolution. Over her time working with whānau Māori, Kopua developed a system of treatment for people in mental health distress called Mahi a Atua using creation story pūrākau as an engagement and retention tool while a multidisciplinary Māori team helped whānau back to health. They talk of the “potential”, the spec of light seen beyond. Pākehā historians have debated whether Io is a pre-European or The brothers suffered from the inclement elements of wind, storm, and rain. Our selection of teaching resources on the Māori Creation Story includes a PowerPoint, story sequencing cards, worksheets, role plays masks and more. “Te Ika a Māui” being changed to “The North Island” is an example of this. between them in darkness. Dismiss. For a long time, the children exist in a dark cramped uncomfortable space. The carving above the doorway represents Hine, the guardian of the threshold between night and day, darkness and light. Sometimes it is the moon that prompts the children to separate their parents, Rangi and Papa; in other accounts, it is the sun. Ranginui and Papatūānuku, Tāne, Tangaroa, Tāwhirimātea, Rongomātāne, Haumietiketike, Tūmatauenga and Rūaumoko are Maori Gods who are inextricably linked to te Ao Māori. The roof represents Ranginui (the sky) and the floor represents Papatūānuku (the earth). separation of earth and sky always features, as does talk of Here’s ours: The Story of Hinemoa & Tutanekai “Hinemoa was the daughter of a great chief who lived at Owhata, on the shore of Lake Rotorua. Every learning area links to a particular atua for total integration (especially Secondary school). For certain … Often creation is summed up in lists, showing processes in The Haka War Dance. The arrival of the sun at dawn symbolises the creation of the world of light. Not all tribes have an Io tradition, and Māori and Māori creation traditions by Te AhukaramÅ« Charles Royal. The first child in this chain of creation was Aoraki who stands as the supreme mountain of Ngāi Tahu. These became the stars of Matariki-‘Ngā Mata o te Ariki o Tāwhirimātea” The Eyes of the God Tāwhirimātea. The Maori people are the natives of New Zealand who, like other tribes, have myths that are related to the creation of the world and the creation of man. Tāwhirimātea confronted his brothers. Tāwhirimātea was so angry. Many consider that Rongo, the god of peaceful activities, reside in the wharenui (meeting house). After a battle broke out the brothers backed down from him. Finally, it was Tāne who lay on his back with his legs facing up. Like What You See? From Te Kore came Te Pō, The Night. In this way customs, practices and institutions can become an expression of a culture’s foundation story. The Creation story and the Māori gods and their attributes are an essential part of te ao Māori. This excerpt highlights the Maori … They're perfect for teaching children in Year 1, Year 2 and Year 3 and make sharing this traditional New Zealand story … Tāwhirimātea waged battle with his brothers from above. Creation myths that served as a way for Māori to understand themselves and the world around them are as relevant today as they ever were, says beloved writer Witi Ihimaera. Creation Before there was any light there was only darkness, all was night. The most important ones are the legends of the demi-god Maui, the stories of Kupe’s travels around New Zealand and of course the many stories about the gods of the Māori, starting with a story about the Creation. The Maori creation story has been passed on from generations to generations. But some of the children plot to separate their parents, and this allows light to flow into the world. The kōrero, Tāne whakapiripiri (Tāne who draws people together), metaphorically represents Tāne who separated the two. From Te Kore came Te Pō, The Night. Your email address will not be published. described in a list that traces the movement from shoot to hair The story goes that because Maui’s brothers weren’t too fond of him, they decided to leave him behind when they went out fishing one day. Through the spoken repetition of these stories, the world is constantly being recreated. I kapi katoa rā hoki i a Te Rangikāheke ngā āhuatanga o te ao Māori mai i te orokohanganga o te ao (TTR 1990:278). Before there was even darkness there was nothing. And so Te Maku, moisture, emerged and coupled with Mahoranuiatea, a cloud that grew from the dawn. Storyboard Text . Te Ahukaramū Charles Royal, 'Māori creation traditions', Te Ara - the Encyclopedia of New Zealand, (accessed 6 December 2020), Story by Te Ahukaramū Charles Royal, published 8 Feb 2005. the natural world. RÅ«aumoko is also the source of the art of moko. More to come on this in another blog post 🙂. There were many nights. Tāwhirimātea shows us about diversity. This is also the case with Aotearoa. story. The separation of the parents by the children resulted in the movement from darkness to the world of light. Read the excerpt from the Maori creation myth. The children wished to live in the light and so separated their unwilling parents. Your understanding of the powhiri process, the marae ātea and the wharenui will be clearer, helping you to enjoy the process. Māori creation stories are used as a form of healing, “Hoea tō Waka” Paddle your Waka 2020. the work of the atua in making the natural world. common. Most describe movement from Te Kore (nothingness) to © Crown Copyright. It was dark for many ages; there was as yet no world with its bright light. Māori have many, but the foundational stories are those that tell how darkness, the long night, became light. identify and use the name of four colours in te reo Māori, say numbers 1-8 in te reo (you can write the number words underneath to help. The process guides participants from Pō, a state of darkness upon the marae itself ( Pōwhiri) to Ao, the state of lightness and resolution.  The structure of the wharenui as an image of the world represents Te Ao Mārama, the latter state, (the world of light). by ninjafox. If our tamariki (Māori and non-Māori) grow up not having these normalised at school, in a respectful and thorough way, they don’t have the advantage of being able to take the characteristics and attributes of these founding atua to help them with challenges and choices.  Focussing on the Maori gods in conjunction with tikanga  will put you and your tamariki at an advantage when visiting a marae. It promotes the confidence to pursue a different agenda and the perseverance in maintaining a specific viewpoint. In response to this, Tāne turned his mother downwards so that she would not see Ranginui’s sadness. Perseverance in order to accomplish a task. The earth) were joined together, and their children were born creation story from Aotearoa, it is the best known of the Māori accounts of the creation of the world. Tāne is the most widely known atua. On the other hand, Tāwhirimātea said, “Leave them be” This would simply maintain the status quo. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Kia ora and welcome to Māori Myths, Legends and Contemporary Stories. The Māori creation story and its tradition is so strong that it can influence all aspects of life. In this crucial time of separation, te wehenga, the tamariki spoke with respect to their parents while helping.  Rangi and Papa wept for each other rather than being angry with their tamariki. As part of colonisation there has been a view that perhaps Māori pÅ«rākau  somehow have less  value. These children grow and discuss among themselves what it would be like to live in the light. With total focus and strength, he pushed and pushed. If you use these words, make sure you understand what you are conveying. These stories have been either written or retold by Wiremu Grace. The last Night joined with Space and there came into being two thoughts. The Maori creation story has been passed on from generations to generations. FOLLOW ME (A perfectly sound reason for not wearing your shoes inside the wharenui!). Also, there can be up to seventy other gods in some versions. Māori have many of them, but the most important stories are those that tell how darkness became light, nothing became something, earth and sky were separated, and nature evolved. Updated: 10/29/2019. Maori also has many of them. The second sequence of myths deals with the adventures of the demi-god Maui, who fished up the land and brought many benefits into the world for humankind. Before there was even darkness, there was Te Kore (the Nothingness). The Maorí believe that the universe is represented by the supreme god Taaroa and his union with Fei-Materai, who represents the night, from which Ranginui (the sky) and Papatuanuku (the earth) were born. All non-text content is subject to specific conditions. world was created. Along the journey visitors will hear Māori legends of the forest, its gods and inhabitants, including the creation story of Tāne Mahuta. It will help you to: This is such a valuable resource for teachers – I particularly like how it teaches about pÅ«rakau and the many versions iwi have! The pōwhiri ritual is a process where, as participants, we move from one state to another, re-enacting the creation of the world. The sons held a long debate exploring how they would get out of the dark cramped space they lived in. According to the Maori, in the beginning was emptiness, and nothing existed. TÅ«matauenga said, “Let’s kill our parents”. Together the three heaved with all of their might. The howling winds bent Tāne and his children. Fortune tellers are a  fun activity you and your learners may like. Please examine your introduction of these whakapapa pÅ«rākau (stories). Moreover, he is the most “dominant” feature of our environment and in which Māori have lived. Creation Story. He displays diverse characteristics in taking sides with his father and being different. Tāwhirimātea’s actions caused his brothers to respond in particular ways, either defiant or cautious. A highlight is hearing the Māori guides greet … The Maori story of creation and the separation of Ranginui, the sky father and Papatuanuku, the earth mother by their children. The Māori creation stories help us understand the beginnings and origins of life. From there comes Te Pō, aeons of darkness and night. One of the most common comments I hear from kaiako is “I want to make my programme, my te reo, and bi-culturalism ‘genuine’ and ‘authentic’ in my practice. From the many stories in the mythology, the most important stories relate to the creation of world and man. Nothingness became something, earth and sky were separated, and nature evolved. After ( We know better than that). These whakapapa (genealogies) emphasise how life is The seas were shaken up and some of the children of Tangaroa were separated. In the beginning Ranginui (the sky) and Papatūānuku (the Fear took hold and Rongomātāne and Haumietiketike took refuge with Papatūānuku. The brothers made a decision and tried to separate their mātua. They are our whakapapa, our guiding stories that form the foundation of Aotearoa. They had many children who lived in the darkness between them. in separating earth and sky. We can look at creation in three movements. Tāne finally separated his father who rose above. "The mythological origins of Maori society are laid out in three major myth cycles, beginning with the creation myth of Ranginui, the sky father, and Papatuanuku, the earth mother. Different tribes have their own variations of the creation how the gods were responsible for making the natural world. Reason and a clear head are attributes we inherit from Tāne which help us settle debates, ideally through consensus.
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