elHafez is the voice of Egyptian Wholesale fruits and vegetables. Navel Orange. We’re proud of our company and even prouder of the many people who are part of our organization; Sadat Agro- Fruit / Sadat Global is international marketer and distributor of high-quality Fruits and vegetables packing from the sea port or airport.. 859 likes. The ancient Egyptians had plenty of fruits and vegetables to feast on, and because of the Nile River, they did not have to go without food! Welcome to Ainfrozen Factory. Egyptian company for preserving and cooling vegetables and fruit (ECPC) is an Egyptian Limited Partnership company started its business activities in seventies, currently with 100+ employees on-board. Different and prolonged in comparison with European terms of harvest complete the periods of the shortage in fruit and vegetables that has natural taste and aroma in European shops. EFE is a subsidiary of Agrostar, which was founded in 1995, and has over 800 acres of land spread along Alexandria desert road and Luxor. The Egyptian climate is sunny and therefore conducive to growing these crops, and the Nile River is an exceptional source of water, as the soil near the Nile is generally of excellent quality. Egypt: Browse through 72 potential providers in the fresh fruits and vegetables industry on Europages, a worldwide B2B sourcing platform.- pg-2 Citrus Products: Navel Orange, Adalia Lemon, Lime, Mandarins, Grape Fruit. our production for both local and international markets The cuisine of ancient Egypt covers a span of over three thousand years, but still retained many consistent traits until well into Greco-Roman times. Egypt has succeeded in opening new vegetables and fruits markets, especially in China, the European Union, and East Asian countries. Jana Fresh Company is established at 2011 as a specialist packer and exporter of fresh fruits and vegetables from Egypt. First choice company is an Egyptian company specialized in exporting Egyptian agricultural products “Fruits & Vegetables” into the international markets. Alligator pro import & export fruits and vegetables, high-quality Egyptian fruits and vegetables, Organic fruits, Organic produce, export fruits, export vegetables, import fruits and vegetables Egyptian Fruit Export Co. (EFE) exports Fruits & Vegetables to Europe, Africa, Middle East and Far East. Egyptian Capsicum “Peppers” Lemons; Onions; Potatoes; tomatoes; Contact; English. Address : Industrial zone – portsaid Tel : +20 66 377 2244 (Calling from Egypt & Arab countries please contact) Mob : +20 1110522228 – 1065113377 first choice company was Founded in 2013 with a wide experience within the fresh fruit and vegetable sector in Egypt We provide a wide selection of agriculture crops such as Egyptian citrus, Egyptian Mango, Egyptian peaches, Egyptian Eggplant or Egyptian cucumber. Sugar cane, sugar beets, a variety of beans, clover, oranges, grapes, stone fruit, pome fruits, tomatoes and potatoes are also grown. Selected Quality of Egyptian Fruits and Vegetables . Figs, dates, raisins, melons, plums, and pomegranates were some of the most common fruits grown and eaten in ancient Egypt. Edible Oils (Egypt) Frozen Fruit & Vegetables; Okra; Molokhia; Spinach; Artichoke; Peas; Peas & Carrots; Mixed Vegetables; Vegetable Soup; Green Beans; Broccoli; Broad Beans; Cauliflower; Vine Leaves; Colcasia; Strawberry; Falafel; Vegetable Ghee; Other Products Our entire business activities are aimed towards providing utmost satisfaction to the clients. we are located in the western Delta area of Egypt. JEDDAH: Importers have revealed that the Saudi Food and Drug Authority (SFDA) has halted import of some vegetables and fruits from Egypt, after … Fruits & Vegetables Wholesale Market, Egypt in FHD & 4K - Duration: 10:23. That is 6% of the total Egyptian goods exports of $ 30.6 billion. Egyptian Desert is full of healthy Treasures , Try our Dates Treasure. Best found on the Mediterranean shore, Sinai and Upper Egypt. Egypt - Egypt - Agriculture and fishing: About 96 percent of Egypt’s total area is desert. OUR VISION. CAIRO - 24 July 2017: Its hot summer season and nothing beats the summer like a plate full of delicious fruits. Fruits. Our operation is based on pack to order principle, thus your order will be harvested & packed then delivered to your doorstep within… Additionally, Egypt's success in lifting the ban on Egyptian agricultural exports in some countries, which confirms the safety of Egyptian procedures and thus boosting the Egyptian fruits and vegetable market. Givrex Frozen Vegetables include all types of Frozen Artichokes, Frozen Peeled Broad Beans, Frozen Vegetables Tournés (Delicatessen), Frozen Sweet Potatoes, Frozen Skinless and Grilled Pepper, Frozen Roasted Eggplant, Frozen Egyptian Ethnic … Prices remained stable in many of the most popular categories during the … Madina Farms is an fresh fruits and vegetables producer, supplier and exporter located in Egypt. Figs Grown all over Egypt, this fruit will quench your thirst on a hot summer day. GIVREX is specialized since 1978 in the production and export of all types of Egyptian Frozen Fruits and Vegetables, all highly selected and of finest quality. We are Blue Sky Import & Export Company (SAE) is one of the largest export fruits and vegetables ( fresh frozen ) in Egypt to provide best offers specifications terms shape,taste quality. Despite the harsh economic conditions in Egypt suppressing demand for non-essential packaged food products, processed fruits and vegetables maintained positive volume growth in 2019. Adopting ethical business practices, we have garnered a rich list of clients throughout the globe. Sadat Agro- Fruit / Sadat Global is based in Egypt since 2007, and its subsidiaries. You may not have know this, but Egypt has awesome agriculture. The staples of both poor and wealthy Egyptians were bread and beer , often accompanied by green-shooted onions , other vegetables , and to a lesser extent meat , game and fish . The Hungry Traveller Recommended for you. ...since 2006 in the import and export of fruit and vegetables. Since the farmland was so fertile and useful for growing crops, fruits and vegetables were bountiful. cario. Citrus is the main Exporting item from Egypt. Other Fruits and Vegetables from Egypt: Egypt Dates, Egypt Grapefruit, Egypt Grapes, Egypt Guavas, Egypt Lemons, Egypt Mandarin, Egypt Mangoes, Egypt Oranges, Egypt Plantains, Egypt Strawberries, Are you a producer of Egypt Lemons? ECPC is one of biggest frozen vegetables and fruit exporters in Middle East, North Africa, and European Community operating from Cairo Headquarters. Fruits: Strawberry, Guava, Mango, Fresh Red Dates, Fresh Barhi Dates; Peas & Beans: Green Beans, Mangetout (Snow Peas). Here is a collection of the fruits you will likely find wherever you go. Offah.com is an Egyptian web to door purchase & delivery service of premium fresh fruits & vegetables. 10:23. Wholesale Importers, International buyers, check now 1000+ products at the best prices of fruits and vegetables Made in Egypt by recognized brands and verified producers. English; العربية; Deutsch Sweet Potatoes (Red & White) Spring Onion; Order … using all ways to deliver goods as fast as we can . Indeed, amazing fruits and vegetables are everywhere in Cairo. Prune Zucchini to Increase Production - … NAMAL EGYPT FOR IMPORT & EXPORT. They also grew a variety of green vegetables, along with garlic, onions, beans, lentils, radishes, and turnips. The value of Egypt's fresh fruit and vegetable exports is estimated to be approximately $ 1.7 billion in 2019. We are an Egyptian grower,packer and exporter of fresh fruits and vegetables to many global markets. Lack of forests, permanent meadows, or pastures places a heavy burden on the available arable land, which constitutes only about 3 percent of the total area. Natura Agro, founded by a fifth generation Egyptian farmer (CEO Amr El Meniawy), grows and produces fruits and vegetables to white label for food producers. Delicious strawberries bursting with flavor, stalks of broccoli greener than grass, and mangoes bigger than your head. Because of this, knowing how to buy fruits and vegetables in Egyptian Arabic is quite important. Oranges. Oranges Valencia; Oranges Navel; baladi orange; Grapes; Pomegranate; Strawberries; mango; Vegetables. Ghoneim for Import & Export is one of the best Egyptian companies that provides fresh and high quality agricultural products including many different kinds of Egyptian fresh and frozen fruits, vegetables, legumes and grains. Broccoli, Cabbage, Ice Berg Lettuce. Import of fruits and vegetables from Egypt We offer fruit and vegetables coming from native cultivators and ripening in the hot Egyptian climate. We are fresh fruits and vegetables exporters from Egypt serving wide varieties of fruits and vegetables including Grapes, citrus, strawberries, mango, stone fruits, Tomato, garlic and onions Learn more about our Quality produce exports and our growing methods. The most common vegetables were green onions and garlic which were used for medical purposes plus leek, cucumber, lentils, lettuce, celery, beans, peas, lentils, radish, and turnip plus the papyrus which was used to create paper, was eaten raw, boiled, and even roasted. We supply a wide range of Fresh Fruit and vegetable varieties to four main markets, the Middle East, Far East, Africa, and the EU. The fruits and vegetable segment continued to be the largest organic food category, recording USD 16.5 billion in sales in 2017, indicating a 5.3% growth compared to the year 2016. Egyptian Fruits & Vegetables, Nubaria City-Buheira District-Egypt. And selected from Egyptian farms by sponsoring major consultancies ... kiwi,Fresh Guava,Watermelon,Grapes,Pomegranate.
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